Implement Traffic Control Plans [formerly the Yellow Card]

This qualification is for those who are required to setup a Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) also known as a Traffic Control Plans (TCP) in accordance with approved Traffic Management Plans.

Course Details

Duration: 2 days - day 1 is classroom based and the second day will involve a live practical assessment

Time: 8.30 am



Traffic Control RPL for Traffic Control Professionals

This qualification is only available for experienced traffic control professionals and is specifically designed for operatives who can demonstrate that they have the skills and experience to manage traffic through and/or past a roadwork site, directing traffic with a stop/slow down bat or similar control device and who are required to setup Traffic Control Guidance Schemes (TCGSs) also known as Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) in accordance with approved Traffic Management Plans.

Eligibility for RPL

Participants must hold or have held within the last 6 months the appropriate traffic control qualifications and/or licences and it is essential that you have access to on the job evidence. This evidence will have to be endorsed by an appropriate third party, such as a supervisor or team leader who is able and willing to provide testimony as to your ability when undertaking the relevant traffic control duties.

Prepare a Work Zone Traffic Management Plan


This qualification will enable participants to create a traffic management plan as well as design, select and modify Traffic Control Plans (TCPs), also known as Traffic Control Guidance Schemes (TCGSs) and conduct inspections.



HSR 5-day Training Course

This WorkCover approved 5-day Health and Safety Representative (HSRs) Course meets the requirements of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation 2011 for HSRs  and deputy HSRs  elected  under the WHS Act  2011. 

The course is intended for HSRs (including deputy HSRs) who have requested approved training under the WHS Act to assist them in performing their role and using their powers under the WHS Act. Participants will gain an understanding of their role and powers and attain the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the WHS Act for Health and Safety Representatives.


$650 [gst exempt]

Health & Safety Representative Refresher Training

This course is designed to refresh the information and skills attained by HSRs during the initial 5-day training course. The course covers:

  • the Work Health & Safety legislation
  • the application of the legislation to role of elected HSRs
  • the roles and functions of an elected HSR, including the power to issue Provisional Improvement Notices and direct unsafe work to cease

All HSRs are entitled to request annual refresher training


$280 [gst exempt]


The Centre offers a range of first aid training courses for both workplace and community members. Many of these courses are offered as both public courses at the Centre's training rooms at St Marys and as a private course conducted at your premises or for your staff at  our Centre.

Courses available include

  • CPR
  • First aid
  • First aid for child care workers
  • Asthma & Anaphylaxis
  • Advanced first aid
  • Advanced resusciation

General information about our courses is detailed below but if you have a particular need contact Debra on 9833 7500 to discuss this.

The Centre offers training for both Health & Safety Representives (HSR) and for Work Health & Safety Committees.

Details regarding the training are below. Public and private courses are available for HSR training while Committee training is conducted as a private course tailored to your organisation's needs.

The Return to Work (RTW) Coordinator training course is held over 2 days and will provide your Return to Work Coordinator with the skills they need to perform their role effectively.

A return to work coordinator is a worker nominated by an employer (or a contractor engaged specifically for the role), whose principal purpose is to assist injured workers to return to work in a safe and durable manner. Under workers compensation law, Category 1 employers (ie. employers whose basic tariff premium exceeds $50,000, as well as self insurers, and employers who are insured by a specialised insurer and who employ more than 20 workers) must have a return to work coordinator.

The Return toThe Return to Work Coordinator must hold a WorkCover certificate certifying attendance at the WorkCover accredited two-day course ‘Introduction to return to work coordination'.

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